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Truss Products Have Good Load Capacity And Flexible

Aluminum alloy trusses are flexible combinations and can be built into different shapes, like triangular, square, spherical and so on. The weight of such trusses are very light, they are lighter than ordinary iron trusses in general and they are convenient for saving a lot of effort. Trusses have very good corrosion resistance and durability, most of all, their life can be up to ten years.

The torsion of the truss is also very good and can easily reach more than 600 kilograms of load, so that you can meet a variety of different performances.

Trusses are very flexible, we can be built at any time. So how do we build it?

In the construction of aluminum alloy truss system, we must first determine the general position of the base, and then need to deal with the need to build the ground leveling problem, if the ground is not smooth, then set out the stage will be not strong, and then is to adjust the legs , Must be part of the adjustment to a level. Followed by the four corners of the position in the base of the plug outside the role of the role of oblique support, each corner to insert at least two can be fixed, a total of eight need. And then we use the screws to fix the anti-head fixed on the base, in the fixed must be optimistic about the direction of the head and the logo in the figure to maintain consistency. Wait for us to put the back of the first set after the measure to be connected. And then fixed the column truss, put it slowly up, then pay attention not too hard. When the column is erected, the lighting device is mounted on the beam. The last step is to tighten the support and the column tightening, the base and the other end of the tightening, so that the truss to build a good. Truss build process is not complicated, but every step must be done, or will affect its firmness.

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