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ZC Truss - Different Load Capacity Trusses

Trusses are used in the construction industry or in the field of industry, but the types of trusses are varied and the products are selected correctly according to their needs in order to maximize the performance of the truss products. The current truss is divided according to the load level:

Reinforced trusses: More trusses of strength than standard truss series, which are welded at both ends of the truss with square support for reinforced support, similar to the form of a square head, with the strength and the maximum span Type big. Mainly reinforced square tube fixed truss, reinforced square tube folding truss, reinforced tube fixed truss, reinforced tube folding truss, reinforced curved truss.

Bolt Truss With Square Pieces.jpg

Standard truss: This series of trusses are the most standard and simple trusses. There are standard square tube fixed trusses, standard square tube folding trusses, standard circular tube trusses, standard round pipe folding trusses.


Super-type trusses: Super-trusses are more robust trusses than reinforced truss series, the thickness of steel and the diameter of the steel pipe are increased, making the strength and the maximum span of these trusses stronger than the reinforced Big. There are super-strong square tube fixed truss, super-type fixed pipe truss.

Lightweight trusses: Lightweight trusses are just as opposed to super-strong, cross-section smaller than the standard truss, lightweight, flexible, easy to transport, suitable for small-scale activities to build use. There are mainly light-type square tube fixed truss, light-type tube fixed truss.